Kanchb's Books for Trade and My Wish list

Okay, Am back from my vacations - My list needs to be updated some but I'm very time-poor these days so please be patient if I don't reply straightaway. Thanx!!!

My trading policy:

1 Paperback = 1 Paperback = 2 Series Paperbacks

1 Hardcover = 2 Paperbacks = 1 Hardcover = 4 Series Paperback

1 Trade Paperback = 2 Series Paperback = 1 Paperback

But that's not always possible, esp. if you find one of the HTF's on my wish list so we can always negotiate!!!

As you've probably noticed, my wish list is all over the place but I esp. love Regencies and Contemporary Romances. Cut my teeth on the indomitable Georgette Heyer at the age of 12/13 and never looked back. Also I live in Australia which can sometimes be a prob. b/c a lot of traders specify American on North American trading only. However, I like to trade internationally so please email me - I have heaps more authors than are listed on these page and email me at kanchb@yahoo.com for a trade.

I have been very fortunate in my trades, meeting some really nice people. Thanks =) to all of my fellow traders who have made me rich in books and with their company.



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