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Kanchb's People I have Traded with

Okay, so it's a crummy webpage name - I mean "People I have traded with...?" However I dunno what to call it otherwise - any suggestions u have are welcomed. If you click on any links on this page, please be aware that it'll open in a new window. Pls let me know if you discover any broken links.

RENE'S TRADE PAGE - American Trader. Awfully nice and friendly. Only person I know who trades away Emma Holly Books. Also introduced me to author Angela Knight for which I shall be forever in Rene's debt.

MARILYN'S LIBRARY - American Trader. Marilyn sent me a book I have been looking for over 7 years even tho' I didn't have anything on her wish list - how generous and kind was that? BTW if u are curious, the book she sent me was a Silhouette by the name of High Stakes by Dana Warren Smith aka Lisa G. Brown of Billy Bob Walker Got Married fame. I think her website moved - anyone know where she went????
SHERRI'S TRADING POST - Canadian Trader. Very helpful and generous. Gave me tons of useful tips & tricks when I first created my website for trading. She also has a very very impressive collection of other traders links that you can access by clicking here.

NEETU'S BOOK TRADING PAGE - Aussie trader. Also a wonderful person who started an Australian Romance Book swap club on yahoo groups. Books in Aus are so expensive, and Neetu's group is a godsend to people like me who are on a strict budget. Check out AussieRomBookClub if u live in the Asia Pacific Region - we have a lot of fun.

DEBBIE'S TRADE LIST - Australian Trader. Helped me find some real HTF books on my wish list and also helped me organize AussieRomBookClub's Secret Santa. Debbie has to be one of the most organized persons I have traded with - she's also been really helpful in finding me Barbara Delinsky's original HT's, etc that I have been looking for.

Melissa's Book Corner - American Trader. We didn't actually trade as much as lent books to each other. I had Marsha Canham's China Rose on my trade list and even tho' that book was just a paperback, Melissa sent me Dara Joy's Ritual of Proof (IMHO, a total crap book BTW) in HC and said I could keep it even tho' I changed my mind and the Canham book was just a loaner. Now isn't that generous? I sent the Joy book back tho'.

KIM'S ROMANCE BOOK TRADING PAGES - Kim lives in Tasmania, a place I dearly want to visit someday. It's amazing how a little-bity island like Tassie sometimes coughs up books that I am searching for and that appear in Kim's trading list. Kim is co-moderator of AussieRomBookClub .

SUE's BOOKS - UK Trader. Helped me get a Anne Gracie book months before it was published in OZ or US. Ah, how I love the miracle that is the internet.

melinda's books - American Trader. We went back and forth on this trade quite a lot. It sorta upset me when she sent me the trade book thru sea mail when I had sent her book thru airmail which costs somewhere between AU$7-9. Taught me to communicate, communicate, communicate.

Romance web gateway - Lists a huge number of other Traders -my webpage isn't there but heaps of other's are.

TUTY BOOK FOR TRADEBOX - Dominican Republic Trader. Still owes me a book :)

DANI'S TRADING:WISHING:LOANING - Australian Trader. Likes the same sorta books I do. We have traded and also lent each other books.


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MY TRADING TABLE - Where I can keep track of what's going on with my trades, etc.




LENDING LIBRARY - Inspired by Georgie of AussieRomBookClub and only for members on this group who live in Australia.




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