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Kanchb's Wish list

If you happen to have books on my wish list and cannot find a suitable book on my trade list, please do let me know - I would be very willing to search for books on your wish list.

NOTE - TIP stands for Trade in Progress

My trading policy:
1 Paperback = 1 Paperback = 2 Series Paperbacks

1 Hardcover = 2 Paperbacks = 1 Hardcover = 4 Series Paperback

1 Trade Paperback = 2 Series Paperback = 1 Paperback


But that's not always possible, esp. if you find one of the HTF's on my wish list so we can always negotiate!!!

It's organized alphabetically with Author's last name, etc. There's also a list of the Anthologies I am looking for below the first table.

Andersen, Susan  Obsessed Contemp, Avon
Ashworth, Adele  My Darling Caroline  
Aspinall, Ruth  Doctor Valentine Arcadia house, 1959
   Echo Sounding- 1982; In Woman's Weekly   Fiction Series Omnibus VOLUME 5, NO 2 Bound with (1) Benson, Valerie - Cupid in the Snow (2) Newman, Rosemary - Silver Shores (3) Pilcher, Rosamund - Tammie
Aylmer, Janet  The New Illustrated Darcy's Story  
Balogh, Mary  Any book published by Signet pre 1990  
Beverly, Jo  The Fortune Hunter  
   Emily and the Dark Angel  
   If Fancy be the food of love  
   The Stolen Bride  
   The Stanforth Secrets  
   Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed  
   Tempting Fortune (Malloren book)  
Bradley, Celeste  Fallen  
Brown, Lisa G  Crazy For lovin' you You get 2 extra series or 1 extra paperback with this from my trade list
Carlton, Susannah  A Scandalous Journey Signet Regency
   The Marriage campaign Signet Regency - Not yet published
   An Uncommon Courtship Signet Regency - Not yet published
Cooper, Katy  Prince of hearts  Harlequin Historical 525
   Lord Sebastian's Wife  To be published fall 2002 HH ???
Delinsky's, Barbara  Jasmine Sorcery  
   Straight from the Heart  
   Threats and Promises  
   With this Ring: Father of the bride  
Douglass, Billie AKA Barbara Delinsky  Beyond Fantasy  
   Fast Courting  
   Flip Side of Yesterday  
   An Irresistible Impulse  
   Knightly Love  
   Search For a New Dawn  
   Sweet Serenity - TIP w/ Kylie  
   A Time to Love  
Drake, Bonnie AKA Barbara Delinsky  Amber Enchantment  
   The Ardent Protector - TIP w/ Kylie  
   Gemstone  - TIP w/ Debbie  
   Lilac Awakening  
   Lover From the Sea  
   Moment to Moment - TIP w/ Kylie  
   Passion and Illusion  
   The Passionate Touch  
   Sensuous Burgundy  
   The Silver Fox  
   Surrender by Moonlight  
   Sweet Ember  
   Whispered Promise  
Fahnestock Thomas, Mary  Georgette Heyer : A Critical Retrospective (I wouldn't mind paying for this book)
FForde, Katie  Highland Fling  
Gracie Anne  How the Sheriff Was Won (Duets, 60)
Harbaugh, Karen  Night Fires to be published
Heyer, Georgette  Venetia Heinemenn Hardcover with DJ only pls to complete my set
Holly, Emma  Catching Midnight  
   In the Flesh  
Kistler, Julie  Just a little Fling  
Korbel, Kathleen  A ROSE FOR MAGGIE TIP MAY 5 2002  
Martin, Malia  Pride and Prudence Avon
Michaels, Lynn  Mother of the Bride  
Morsi, Pamela  Heaven Sent  
Parker, Laura  Mischef  
Pickens, Andrea  The Banished Bride Signet Regency
   The Hired Hero  


 The Storybook Hero Signet Regency
   A Diamond in the Rough Signet Regency
   A Lady of Letters Signet Regency
   The Major's Mistake Signet Regency
   The Defiant Governess Signet Regency
   Code Of Honour Signet Regency
   Second Chances Signet Regency
Putney, Mary Jo  The Bartered Bride Signet Regency
   Carousel of Hearts Signet Regency
   Lady of Fortune Signet Regency
Schroeder, Martha  A Rose for Julian Angels of Mercy trilogy
   More than a Dream Angels of Mercy trilogy
  True to Her Heart Angels of Mercy trilogy
   A Merry Little Christmas  Zebra Regency
Shay, Kathryn CODE OF HONOR (America's Bravest)  
   FEEL THE HEAT (America's Bravest)
   THE MAN WHO LOVED CHRISTMAS (America's Bravest)
   THE FIRE WITHIN (America's Bravest) - Tip MIMA  


A Dangerous Magic Denise Little, et all Daw
A Victorian Christmas Layton, Putney, Krahn, Gaffney  
Dashing & Dangerous Balogh, Layton, McRae, Mills  
In Our Dreams Linda Lael Miller, Mary Jo Putney, Patricia Potter, Rebecca York, Susan Wiggs,etc  
Tapestry Lynn Kurland, Madeline Hunter, Karen Marie Morning, Sherrilyn Kenyon Jove
Summer Magic Pamela Morsi, Jeane Anne Caldwell, Ann Carberry, and Karen Lockwood Jove


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